Dr. med. (MD) Markus Bleichenbacher, MSc clinical embryology

Fertility treatment in Bern and in Cham (Zug)

In Switzerland about every sixth couple stays involuntarily childless. The tendency is rising. On the other hand, modern medicine has made substantial progress in this domain over the last years. Even though miracles still are not to be expected, nowadays, it is possible to substantially improve the chances for a successful pregnancy with the help of different measures.

For the treatment of the unfulfilled desire to have children (sterility, infertility) I can fall back on my long-standing experience with all current methods, such as inseminations (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). The latter I perform in collaboration with GEA IVF AG in Cham. For treatments abroad, I can advise and support you.

Usually one talks of sterility if, after one year of regular unprotected intercourse, a pregnancy has not been achieved. This is according to the definition of the World Health Organisation (WHO). As the chances for the success of the therapy depend on one’s age, it can make sense to take first steps before the year is up.

There are a lot of possible causes. Often there is more than one, whereby it is difficult to say which is the main cause in each individual case. I would like to discuss diagnostic tools and treatment possibilities with you.

The registration can be done over your general practicioner/gynecologist. But of course, you can also register directly at my office.

You will find many, more detailed informations on my website Kinderwunschpraxis.ch.