Practice for Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Dr. med. Markus Bleichenbacher

My practice for Gynecology is situated discretely and logistically favourable in the city center of Bern, capital of Switzerland. For me it is an important concern, to advise you individually and in calm atmosphere. The ambience of the surgery offers an ideal framework therefore. All treatments are performed by me personally.

Since December 2019, the fertility practice has been working in Cham, Canton of Zug, as well. In the same site, the new ART lab, GEA IVF AG, whose clinical director I am today hast started his activities during January 2020

One main focus of the practice is investigation and treatment of infertility by all modern methods like In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). My other area of interest is Gynecology, though prevention, assessment and treatment of all the female-specific diseases.

In Cham I am concentrating on Fertility treatments.

For In Vitro Fertilisation I work  with the GEA IVF lab. Nevertheless, I am free to suggest you the respectively best available treatment in the most suitable place for you. Other treatments, as egg donation are forbidden in Switzerland anyway. You are welcome, if I can help you to choose a foreign center and support you during the preparations for any treatment.

Personally, I have extensive experiences with IVF. I managed the IVF unit at Kantonsspital Lucerne for many years. With my own practice I am now able to support you personally and to respond better  to your needs.

In Switzerland, one couple out of six cannot fulfill its desire to have children. This figure shows a rising tendency by different reasons. On the other hand, modern medicine made huge progresses in this domain. Although, miracle cannot be expected, the chance of a successful pregnancy can be ameliorated substantially.

As a gynecologist with broad  experience in the field of operative Gynecology, I can offer any investigation and treatment of gynecologic dissesses. I perform operations, if possible laparoscopically, in the Hospitals Lindenhof and Engeried. In my practice, I am equipped and experienced for investigatives of the breast, especially with ultrasound and for further investigations of the abnormal Pap smear.

You can find us at the Address 36 Spitalgasse in Bern (in the von Werdt-Passage), not far away from the main Station.